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The FFH Management Team

The FFH management team is comprised of experienced and successful individuals who have worked in Washington and other markets for many decades. They bring to the table their lifetime of experience in real estate acquisition and development, land appraisal and infrastructure enhancement. Their expertise and judgment will be critical to the success of each phase of the FFH plan over the next five years.

Delmar Jean Lewis, CEO and COB.

Del Lewis Del Lewis has over 30 years of professional experience in requirements analysis, planning specifications, design development testing, quality assurance and operational implementation of advanced user data systems. Mr. Lewis recently sold his interest in Advanced Technology Systems, a company which he founded in 1972, for a purchase price of over 100 million dollars. ATS earned half a billion dollars in annual sales, and had over one thousand employees located globally. In conjunction with his creation of FFH, Mr. Lewis has initiated four distinct corporations operating in the areas of: property acquisitions and maintenance; leading edge software development; health management and related operations; and several other business entities in the financial and banking sectors. Mr. Lewis is currently a member of the Chain Bridge Holding Group, as well as one of the directors of the Chain Bridge Bank, located in McLean, Virginia. He has experience taking companies public.

The broad range of Mr. Lewis’ experience has enabled him to initiate successful businesses ventures supplying services to Federal government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and foreign corporations over the past several decades. His operational blueprint is to form small groups of highly skilled professionals geared toward specific objectives. Internationally, Mr. Lewis provided equipment and services for businesses in Egypt and China. Over many years, Chinese professionals were trained in exchange programs with groups located in Hainan, Taiwan and mainland China. Other global projects included financial management systems, security systems, particularly in airports, large commercial operations such as tobacco shipping protection, and innovative medical applications in Israel and other Middle East countries.

Jim Waters, President and COO.

Jim Waters As President and Chief Operating Officer of FFH, Mr. Waters has over 20 years experience in residential and commercial construction. He is leading FFH on a course of growth through a three phased plan: (1) acquisition of multi-family properties, (2) acquisition of small to mid-size commercial properties, and (3) acquisition and development of larger scale commercial properties. His knowledge of construction brings efficient control over the management and redevelopment of properties.

Prior to joining FFH, Jim Waters was president of Clairstone Construction, Inc., an award winning residential and commercial building and remodeling company in Northern Virginia, since 1991. Earlier, he spent three years as project manager and production manager for various Williams Industries subsidiaries, in the Greater Washington, D. C. commercial building market. The knowledge developed during these years gives the FFH management group a direct connection to a diversified team of design and construction subcontractors. Additionally, Mr. Waters has spent the last decade buying, redeveloping, managing and selling residential real estate in partnership with his wife.

Mr. Waters has a B.A. in Media Production from the University of Maryland. He has real estate licenses for Virginia and related areas and has been intensively involved in community programs for businesses, schools, churches and related infrastructure programs.

Bruce Peterson, Phases II/III Analyst and Board Member.

Bruce Peterson Mr. Peterson is a FFH board member with over 40 years experience in real estate and shopping center development and management. He serves as the primary strategist for the acquisition and development of all commercial property endeavors. Currently, Mr. Peterson is a member of SDC Equity Partners, LLC, (Minnesota) a shopping center development group he founded and presided over as president from 1977 – 1992. Prior to this time, he has served in several senior management roles for builders, developers, and real estate firms. His experience includes the development and financing of numerous centers in the 60,000 to 400,000 sq. ft. range. This experience, combined with decades of leasing negotiations, prepares FFH to take advantage of current and future commercial real estate opportunities.

Mr. Peterson’s background includes studies at Gustavus Adolphus College and University of Minnesota; and a degree from Graduate Academy of Accountancy, Minneapolis. He is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers and the Minnesota Shopping Center Association, which he served as a Director.

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