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Investing in Greater Washington, D.C.

First Financial Holding Corporation

First Financial Holding Corporation (FFH) is a real estate investment corporation focused mainly on the greater Washington, D.C. area, one of the premier real estate markets in the United States. Washington features a combination of national, international, and governmental influences. Founded in 2006, FFH is poised to take advantage of the economic cycles related to these forces to create a strong portfolio of real estate investment for the future.

FFH Distinctives

What sets FFH apart from other real estate holding groups?

First, the FFH management team is comprised of successful individuals who have worked in Washington and other markets for many decades. They bring to the table their lifetime of experience in real estate acquisition and development, land appraisal and infrastructure enhancement. FFH now presents an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the next period of growth of the Washington market.

Second, FFH has an efficient and effective operating structure. Traditionally, real estate holding companies are organized to provide the necessary operational elements internally — elements such as accounting, maintenance, management, financial oversight, legal services, and related activities. FFH has taken a different approach by assembling a consortium of established organizations to provide these operational services.

The FFH Team consists of the following:

FFH has thus formed a professional management team more organically and at a lower cost than if FFH attempted to build these capabilities within a traditional corporate structure. This has allowed FFH to begin substantive operations immediately and to focus specifically on the planning, acquisition and marketing functions. The structure facilitates FFH taking advantage of the current cycle in the Washington, D.C., real estate market to reach our target of significant portfolio growth over the next five years.

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